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  • A400 barrel length

    How do you choose barrel length. I am getting my wife’s her first a400 and was going to get 28 barrel but they seem to be out of stock at most places. Is 30 going to be hard for her to swing? She is pretty slender and about 5’ 2”.

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    Hey there,

    Funny you should ask because I just saw the A400 with reduced stock at 28" from Cole Gun a few days ago. Here is the link:

    For whatever reason the link says 30" but the actual listing says 28". The reduced length of pull may help her as well, being so petite. Cole comes highly recommended. Hope this helps!
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      I think 30” will be too heavy for her. My wife is 5’4” and athletic, and she feels very comfortable with a 28”. She struggles with the 30” when she gets deeper into a round, like after 75ish clays.


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        You can always add weight to the front if the gun swings too fast, hard to remove weight to make a too-slow gun swing faster. That said, for most shooters, a 30" bbl on a semi is the most popular -- however, and without seeing her shoot, at 5'-2" I think a 28 is going to be perfect.
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