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    What’s your game plan for fast quartering targets? I’ve recently been experimenting with never letting this target get to my barrel, setting up at my hold point and letting the clay sort of push my barrel to the break area. Previously I was making what was probably best described as a very inconsistent and erratic swing through coming from slightly behind, which resulted in spotty results and often difficult to repeat if I were successful. Allowing the target to come to the gun just feels like a much more controlled and repeatable process. I’m really referring to targets that have a bit of angle to them like 8 o’clock to 2 o’clock direction with lots of spring, as an example.

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    A target we see enough of I'd say one you need to be pretty reliable with to be in the top half of AA-M at most any larger tourney. So 8 to 2 path, I'll assume it stays rising for a while since it's under a lot of spring? Me personally... First trick with fast quartering away is to not be afraid to move your BP and HP out -- two things happen by doing this. First is the perceived lead lessens because the intercept angle is narrower. Second is it gives you more time to really see the target. (PS note, this is a perfect example of where tighter chokes become a benefit -- most guys are trying to kill this target at 30 yards while it's still screaming, you have the luxury of 40 yards and not rushing.) So now my setup will be: BP somewhere well after I can see it as a clear target and not a streak, HP will be just short of BP say ¼ way back toward trap, LP will be about a third to half-way more back toward the trap with loose focus "quiet eyes" in the flight path; then I'll tell myself, "see that 2 o'clock high edge" and then I'll call pull. The move is going to be autonomic, no thought, just start in front, stay in front with gun pacing the target and eyes locked on that 2 o'clock high edge of the clay, then let my reactive brain trigger.
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