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Rigs (carts and trailers) - pictures, descriptions, etc

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  • Rigs (carts and trailers) - pictures, descriptions, etc

    i would like to see pictures of the rigs (golf carts, utvs, etc.) that you guys use. I am interested how you have it set up with storage racks, gun racks, doors and no doors, etc.

    i am especially curious about what the pros who travel all the time use.

    Lastly do any any of the pros rent at an event?

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    I'll play. Here's a shot of mine:

    (Edit: I should add that I shoot primarily in the West, so rain and extreme cold are not things I have to deal with regularly, though we do get some pretty good heat --lots of shoot days over the 100 mark-- but it's a dry heat Hence the no doors and a windshield that stays almost permanently folded.)

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    My stuff: K-80 w/ S&S custom Stock and 32" flat rib, thin-wall choked barrels; Castellani vest or jacket or Lonesome Charlie pouch, Pilla glasses, Bornaghi Star or Gold 1oz 7-½'s @ 1250 fps ammo.


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      Thanks Jack. Hope others will join.