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Shooting with both eyes.

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  • Shooting with both eyes.

    I have heard talk on the podcast about shooting with both eyes open and how bad it is for your game to only shoot with one eye. Could someone please explain how to break the habits of closing one eye and the steps to take to be able to shoot with both eyes open. That's the hardest thing I'm dealing with right now is right before I pull the trigger I close one eye almost like subconsciously I have to measure the lead or check the bead. Thanks,

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    First, I am assuming you don't have a cross dominance issue? Sounds like you are wanting to close your 'off eye' to I am assuming you have the gun under your dominate eye. If not, that is a whole 'nother conversation.

    Couple of things you can do....

    First, you can start by shooting SOFT-SLOW targets and really trying to keep both open. Generally speaking, that is what it takes to let you 'have time and mental clarity' to keep the off eye open. After doing it a few times, and not worrying about hits or misses, it will be much easier to keep both open, and you can get back to focusing on your shooting.

    Second, and I have only needed to resort to this in a few instances, with varying success, is to patch the glasses on the off eye. Do it just for a while, so that the muscles get used to leaving the eye open all the way thru the shot.

    Both of these 'fixes' are short term crutches to help get used to keeping both eyes open, for folks who don't have a dominance 'reason' to close an eye.....